Sensory Stories is a vibrant new initiative where children are able to explore their environment as well as their imaginations. Greatly loved childrens’ stories are brought to life using various sensory activities and games. Like many parents, you also may be wanting to find ways for your children to create lasting memories of playing and growing in the natural world rather than day by day in front of a screen, Sensory Stories gives you the perfect place. A place that creates wonderment and joy as they use their senses and are taken on a fanciful adventure. Children will learn about the environmental world around them, develop motor and sensory skills as well as a love of books.

Set within the beautiful Mt Cootha area, Sensory Stories is a magical place where children can create, play and learn. The developer of Sensory Stories, Benita Blunden grew up on a large property on the outskirts of Brisbane where she created many childhood memories playing outside. After having her own children, she wanted to create a place where children were able to explore and play so that they also can have the opportunity to create memories of laughter and fun. As a mother of two young children, Benita understands the importance of sensory play for development and the significance of emerging a love of books in early childhood. With 15 years experience in environmental sustainability, Benita would also like to pass on her extensive knowledge and love of the environment to children.